Aagaard TPM Control is an integrated part of the Aagaard A/S TPM Service Concept. It ensures you and your company maximum uptime and minimizes both energy- and running costs on your production equipment delivered by Aagaard A/S.

Aagaard TPM Control collects and processes all relevant data on equipment maintenance needs and alerts directly your Aagaard Service Team, if unacceptable deviations are recorded.

Aagaard TPM Control is constructed as an advanced and stand-alone circuit and does not need any integration in your productions present linked setup
All we require is 230 volt power and access to internet provided either through Ethernet or GSM.

Aagaard TPM Control reports status and maintenance requirements through

  •  Temperature
  •  Log on running hours
  •  Rotation speed
  •  Use of sensors and switches
  •  Movement
  •  Power consumption
  •  Pressure loss in system

Please contact your Aagaard Service Team directly
+45 96 531 200 -